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Thread: The v2 Rotary Interactivity Favor Scheduler

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    Quote Originally Posted by RealNC View Post
    Do you think people need to make -j128? Do you think that *if* they do that, for whatever reason (I can't think of even one, can you?), they shouldn't use nice -n19 or schedtool?
    Do you think a normal person like to renice or use schedtool every time for a lower latency or anything else?

    Quote Originally Posted by RealNC View Post
    You don't do that by pointing out that RIFS is "more interactive" with -j512. You do that with -j10 or such. The only reason to state that RIFS can manage -j512 and the other schedulers can't is to impress people who don't know how useless that benchmark is. So please don't do it.
    OK. Have you read my benchmark ?

    Don't you understand what i am talking about? "RIFS can handle interactive well from low workload to high workload on desktop." I have mentioned about that and seems you haven't read my newest post. That means you don't have anything to debate with me, all right ?

    OK I mention one more things. U haven't try and you are just claiming that *RIFS* is really bad, so anyway you don't have anything to debate with me
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