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did some data backup and at the same time used the opportunity to watch 1080p video + 2 sound streams (including the hd video's stream)

at least 5-10 times it stopped for 1-2 seconds

observations so far:

1) there seem to be issues with the sound system (probably pulseaudio related)

would renice hep ?

2) with heavy writing + HD video it lags pretty much - so there's issues with i/o, I'm already using BFQ but seemingly there's still room for improvements

3) amd64: there seems to be more issues with heavy i/o (see the amd64 gentoo subforum on forums.gentoo.org)

so I'll see during the next days on regular / everyday usage how it goes

will at earliest be able to compare in a week with the non-ES

impression so far: it only might be a feeling but the non-ES RIFS felt a little more fluid, dunno (especially when comparing the total halt of sound + video of HD video streaming - weird, gotta check next time if the video-streaming stopped or if it really was due to heavy i/o)

thanks !
Yeah, it is caused by the sleep tracking.
So here I have posted the no-sleep-tracking version

and benchmark are done with non-sleep-tracking version

Thanks for reporting this(sleep-tracking broken)