I just wanted to know if anyone else has this problem:

I upgraded to Kubuntu 12.04, and realised after some investigation that my stupid laptop's Clickpad right mouse button region is now supported. Annoyingly, click and drag if I disable to bottom portion of the Clickpad is now broken such that if I hold down the button, my finger movement on the top portion is not registered! So I have to enable the bottom portion of the Clickpad otherwise I can't click and drag! Of course if I enable the bottom portion, then as I'm moving my finger on the top portion (dragging) while holding down the clickpad button on the bottom, my finger movements on the bottom button portion affect the cursor as well, so it erratically follows BOTH fingers movements, making click-dragging very difficult as I try to hold my finger on the Clickpad button as still as I possibly can, which is usually impossible.

Is there a resolution to this problem, or a workaround?