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Thread: The New X.Org Server Driver API Is Coming

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    Default The New X.Org Server Driver API Is Coming

    Phoronix: The New X.Org Server Driver API Is Coming

    The new driver API for the X.Org Server that would finally allow for the X.Org stack to better compete with modern desktop drivers on Windows and Mac OS X, may actually see the light of day, prior to the Wayland push...

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    Quote Originally Posted by uid313 View Post
    Time will show.

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    Hey,as long as they keep their eyes on Wayland and feet on xorg we'll be fine.
    I hope this is true but I hardly doubt that this will make X12,it will probably have those features mentioned and other that help to transition to wayland (xwayland) .Just a mix of things so that we have stable ground.

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    Default Not X12, a change in X.Org implementation

    X12 would be about an (incompatible) evolution of the X protocol to fix the issues of the X protocol.
    Here it's about changing the implementation of X.Org: contrary to what many believes, to fix many current issues of the X server, changes of the X protocol are not required but its a manpower issue: see David Airlie's end of the blog where he is (bitterly) joking that noone will port the drivers to the new API.

    And those who believes that Wayland will fix the manpower issue are just dreaming..

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    Defines for multiple device driver APIs and USB hotplugging support in a 2D, network transparant, interaction driven canvas? Sorry but... Yuck! Blegh!

    Wayland is a more UNIX philosophy-like component; one thing for one job. Why not implement network transparant input devices where it's at? The kernel. And why not implement network stream of widgets where it's at? The widget toolkits.

    This whole X11 architecture is dead. Instead of defending it, why not evolve it? Plan9 did something similar; network the hell out of everything. If you van do it with storage and HTML, then you can do it with IO and widgets, too!

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