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Thread: Ubuntu 12.04 Git'ed With Intel Ivy Bridge

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    Default Ubuntu 12.04 Git'ed With Intel Ivy Bridge

    Phoronix: Ubuntu 12.04 Git'ed With Intel Ivy Bridge

    As the Intel Ivy Bridge benchmarks being delivered on Phoronix and coming up in the coming days are frequently using the latest Intel Linux graphics development stack, for those curious here is a comparison between the stock Ubuntu 12.04 packages and when running the latest Linux kernel / Mesa / libdrm / xf86-video-intel Git DDX.

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    That's what xorg-edgers PPA is for - making upgrading graphics stack trivially easy.

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    Default Video decoding tests?

    Thanks for the article. Personally, I couldn't care less about gazing at bazillion more or less identical bars visualizing measured OpenGL performance of graphics option X, Y and Z (or maybe N, A and I). As a Linux HTPC user I'd be much more interested if besides tests measuring pure raw OpenGL performance you also could measure how different graphics options handle their native accelerated video decoding (VDPAU for NVIDIA, VA-API for Intel and AMD) under Linux in your standard set of tests so you could see how this performance is doing over time. I.e. measure CPU usage while displaying different video formats (for instance 1080p/VC-1, 1080p/H.264, 576/MPEG2) and so on..

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