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xorg.conf isn't and has never been obsolete. You use xorg.conf.d now, but the idea is the same. You only need to include the Device section for the graphics driver. Everything else is autodetected (unless you want to customize those things too and then you can include those in xorg.conf.d).

What's obsolete is the everything-including-the-kitchen-sink xorg.conf. Now you create just the section where you're configuring something. So if it's disabling SwapBuffersWait you want, you create the Device section and only that. Also, you now have the flexibility of multiple config files. If it makes it easier to wrap your head around it, think of xorg.conf as xorg.conf.d/99-something.conf

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True, but i use much more slower cpu, pcie_gen2=1, vblank_mode=0, "SwapbuffersWait" "0" and have more FPS. Must be a reason.
Hmm, Unity vs. non-Unity?