ok, so, VIA graphics is dead right? they sold the IP to HTC (whitch seems less and less relivent as a company every day) and havent looke back since as far as i know.
cirix. the intel x86 liscence they aquired forever ago when they bought some company was a tiny competator up untill about 5-7 years ago as far as i know. they made some tiny tiny embedded boards that back then were prety cool little integrated boards. but when intel came out with atom, VIA x86 effectivly died a silent death.
and via arm, seems they basicaly spun that off into a company called wondermedia. i have a tiny netbook that has a wondermedia WM8650 arm soc in it. a year and a half ago it was a prety cool little thing, but as of right now, it has a weak arm cpu with basicaly a 1995 era graphics controller and some usb 2.0 hosts, and they havent really come up with anything more impressive than that recently. now you can go out and get a raspberry pi that is basicaly the same thing but with an actual 3d graphics chip for 25 usd, so VIA's wondermedia isn't doing so much right now.

other that i dont think VIA has much of anyhting going on for them. they use to have a market in the x86 northbridge and southbridge market but intel and amd killed that arena. it really sucks because they were doing all this all in one chip integration way before intel or amd were, but they just werent keeping competative enough to stay relevent enough.