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@DanL: You obviously don't know the context in which I asked that question for you to say a statement like that. I'm asking what benefit do they have of branching.
Again, if you have to ask how the Mandriva/Mageia branch benefited those who broke away from Mandriva's backing company, then you don't know about that real-world example, which perfectly answers your general question...

If you've got 5 brands of gum that all have flavors that are almost indistinguishable from each other and offer the same price, why do you seriously care about getting any of the other 4? And then you see another company come along and do the same thing, but why?
In some cases, the different flavors of Linux are very distinguishable, and that's just from a user perspective. Even when the flavors are close, if you put the "employees" of a lot of these "companies" in the same room and told them to design and make gum, they would end up strangling each other before ever making a viable product.