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Based on OpenGL 3.2+ rather than 3.3, i wonder if this answers why beyond3D people are saying that DX10 style geometry shaders are not part of the spec (added to OpenGL in 3.3 i believe)?

Why would they cut that feature out? over and above more complex shader operations, geometry shaders were one of the key functionality advancements that DX10 added over the old 9.x series......
The only reason for the existence of geometry shaders is that high-end desktop GPUs were getting so fast that a single-core CPU and PCIe 1.0 bus couldn't feed it small geometry fast enough. So instead some of the geometry can be generated on the GPU itself using a geometry shader.

This is a pretty useless feature on an API for embedded systems because their GPUs are not very good at handling high polygon counts, and because in relative terms the CPU and the bus to the GPU is very fast.