I agree Compiz is a turd, but I think there is other problem that is causing it to become a turd. I have had to resort back to using Openbox with Ubuntu 12.04, Unity and Gnome3 are both unstable for me. I'm running AMD Phenom II N620 Duel Core + AMD 4200 on-board graphics (laptop). With Unity and Gnome3, I have Xorg and Compiz processes taking CPU to full load. I have tried both the open driver and AMD drivers from the repository and installed from the AMD web site. With the same results. I did not see this in Ubuntu 11.10 and even in the 12.04 beta. I have looked around the web and have ran across some bug reports with users experiencing the same problem all with different hardware. Some of the point to Compiz other point the finger at the PAE kernel. I have tried most of the easy suggestions to fix this, but none of theses work. I'm hoping this will be addressed in further updates.

TLDR: Compiz,Unity and or Ubuntu's Kernel is broken And it needs to be fixed.