I am just curious if there is someone here which could share some insight into the driver beta testing process that AMD/ATi is running before releasing a new fglrx driver. I guess some of this info is under NDA, but perhaps at least a little info could be shared.

Lately, we've had some new outstanding bugs in the driver, such as the infamous OpenGL memory leak (in e.g. 7.11) or dropped support for many wide screen resolutions (in 7.12), making many people wonder how the beta testing process works and why it does not catch such problems.

We are masters in creating our own FUD around here due to lack of information and insight into the development process, and a little more info could perhaps lower the "temperature" in the forum a bit.

So, for instance:

How many AMD developers work on the fglrx driver? How wide range of hardware is tested in-house before each release? What software is generally used by the devs for testing?

How many non-AMD Linux developers and users have access to binary beta releases? What hardware is covered? What software are they encouraged to try? How does bug reporting work? How can one become a tester?