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We are going to do that in the new year, but in the early days our focus had to be on trying to support the radeonhd development team at Novell/SuSE. We have weekly calls with them and work through lists of open questions and issues, although it's only recently (since Alex joined us) that we have really been able to keep up with their questions.
Bridgman, are you a developer of ATI/AMD linux driver team? If the case, I hope you would look back R3xx Users who were left behind the support of fglrx. I use mobility radeon 9600 on my ThinkPad T42, and with fglrx it DOES NOT suspend, wake up. With AIGLX on, Compiz works but average responsiveness of all app is totally unusable(eg, firefox scrolling, multi-tasking...).

I really really hope these BASIC issues would be fixed soon.