Hi guys, I made some software to compare RAM bandwidth Android phones to Linux PCs.

Here are some results:

~5400 MB/sec - Intel Xeon X3430, DDR3 memory, under moderate MySQL load( 2009)
~2200 MB/sec - Intel Core 2 E8200, PC 6400 DDR2 RAM, Desktop PC (2008).
~1100 MB/sec - Intel Core duo L2400, PC 5300 DDR2 RAM on a Thinkpad X60S laptop (2006).
and our mobile contenters
~500 MB/sec - Samsung Galaxy S2 (2011)
~250 MB/sec - HTC Desire (2010)
~55 MB/sec - HTC Magic (2009, had to use smaller 10MB array size because of limited RAM available)

reproduce on pc with "apt-get install mbw" , "mbw -t1 100 -n 20"
If your distro doesn't have it, download mbw here: https://github.com/raas/mbw

More on my blog (.apk available for Android),