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Thread: AMD Admits It Has Linux Problems

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnc View Post
    What kind of performance problems do you experience?
    Input lag when typing (characters showing up on screen too slowly, or key presses not being instant while gaming), massive performance drop in 3d games/Flash, window drag lag, uselessly slow scrolling in all applications, etc. It fixes tearing but borks everything else.

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    Ideally vsync would add 1 frame delay on input. In practical cases it usually adds 4-5, and combined with all the other problems in system(for instance another 10 frames from LCD monitors input lag), its a mess.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gusar View Post
    Where you been, bro? Nvidia 302.11 beta driver has xrandr support.
    A beta is not a driver that should be trusted. Keke
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    Quote Originally Posted by uid313 View Post
    People who transcode will burn in hell.
    Encoding should only be done from a lossless source, never from a lossy source.
    You have access to lossless video source material...?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JanC View Post
    You have access to lossless video source material...?
    Maybe he watch only Sintel?

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