I have Ubuntu 7.10 on a Fujitsu E8210 with ATI Mobility X1400 graphics. I have tried virtually every fglrx driver since 8.28 in the last year or so. I managed to get one very stable setup at a point around 8.37 or something like that... Compiz, Suspend, etc. all worked.

Eventually, with enough fiddling, I screwed it up royally resulting in flickering spots on the screen, suspend problems, networking problems, the list grew..

I went to 7.11 and had all sorts of problems with Compiz, lockups, freezing.. I jumped to 7.12 and lost widescreen 1680x1050... I reverted to 7.11 without Compiz, but endured freezes.. lockups.. especially after just leaving the machine on for a few hours.

I would return to my desktop session after a few hours of no use and just mousing on the desktop would freeze the system.

So I reverted to 8.40 today looking for that sweet spot of no freezing. Is that due to the OpenGL memory leak? How can I see if that affects me now? I use the command top and see no big memory hogs.

What version of fglrx can I use for maximum stability. I have no idea if I should stick with 8.40 or revert to earlier 8.37. Anyone have any experience with choosing a driver based on proven stability and Ubuntu 7.10 for an X1400 class of card???