- FreeBSD is NOT Linux = FreeBSD is stable, reliable, simple (there are no automated brainfucks... like udev, hal and dbus in base system)
So, if FreeBSD is NOT LInux then it's not stable, not reliable and it's not simple. There are also no automated tasks, so I'm stuck with legacy OS. It's Linux that is used in EVERYTHING and FreeBSD is ONLY used on some servers, but Linux OWNS servers, so this person lives in some fanboy's world. Nobody uses FreeBSD in enterprise computing, because it's not mature enough (even if it's much older...).

- Not fragmented as Linux, (relation to many distro, that not have idea/goal)
OpenBSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD [put another crapBSD here].

- The community - Unlike Linux which is very fragmented by all the different flavours and hence individual communities, FreeBSD has one community who are always happy to help with hints tips and advice. This simply cant be beaten!
What community? Few devs and few users? What a bunch of crap.