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Sadly, Ardour2 while very stable is not at feature parity with ANY mdoren DAW. Ardour3 is in Beta, is not stable (i would know i build it at least 1-2 times a week). You had to 'search' i am already well-aware. My comment still stands, nice try though.
Yes, I had to search, because I'm not music composer . There's also more DAW software for Linux:


Quite impressive list.

...and yet you can't even name one IDE for linux that has similar modern feature set. Mixxx is a decent app, but it's not for Vjing. In case you don't know what VJ means, it means Visual jockey ie: mixing video and sound. and even still Mixxx isn't as good as similar apps for Mac for djing, it's not at feature parity and in reality lies somewhere in the middle.
I can't name a single IDE for OS X that's better than Linux's IDEs. What's more important hfs+/hfsx are nightmare for programmers, so only masochists use OS X for programming. As for VJ: