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I have just decided, after much thought, to buy an Nvidia card to replace my aging ATI 3870. It took me quite a while to decide this. I want to believe in, and use, Open Source graphics but they left me behind. Screw that! Nvidia may be Blob only but they never left me hanging! I truly hate to say what I just said. But, my mind is now made up. I am not even sure what I will do for Mid-Year 2013 system upgrade. I may just skip it entirely, after all my Q6600 is still chugging along pretty good. Once I get a graphics card that will have current drivers, I will be pretty much covered. Damn I hate saying this...
"but they left me behind. "

what does this mean? i get decent performance with the oibaf-ppa right now
the default drivers in ubuntu 12.04 are to slow thats right but ubuntu-12.10 will get a much more advance opensource driver and the "oibaf-ppa" prove this right now.

hey you can send your old hd3870 card to me

and hey the good part is now you do have a nvidia and a ati card you can check the improvements inside the radeon opensource driver later if you hold your old card for testing.