Wait, you really think that this petition was reasonable and not a flame? May I cite some of the expressions you used?
this trust has been violated
horrible precedent
merely to con Linux users out of their money
threat of non-native binaries
Actually you are blaming the developers to con the money out of you in your petition, and these are exactly the words you have used. Do you really think that sounds reasonable and not like flaming to the developers of Limbo? Or any other development team that may be not able to currently afford a native Linux port?
So as I read it your standpoint is: Hey, if you can't afford to make a native Linux port, please don't make the effort that it at least runs non-native on our platform, we won't buy that crap, give us native or die.
If that is your definition of reasonable and not damaging I would like to see what happens if you are intentionally unreasonable and damaging.