I got myself a new machine with an Ivy Bridge i7 3770K CPU and no discrete graphics.
While the performance when running Phoronix Test Suites compares well to the result published here, the 3D performance in wine and VirtualBox is terrible.
The HD4000 graphics yields to 92fps on Lightsmark v2008 @1280x1024, compared to 67fps on my old system with Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 and a GeForce 7950GT - so far so good.

But while I was able to run a train simulator game using Wine on my old system with frame rates around 20fps and decent loading times, the same game now takes ages to load (haven't been patient enough to wait until it finishes loading). Same behaviour if I run it in a Windows 7 VM in VirtualBox (which in the end also uses Wind3d for 3D).

Ubuntu 12.04 (Kernel 3.2.0-24)
XServer 1.11.3
Intel 2.17.0 / 2.1. Mesa 8.0.2

Are there know problems using wined3d with Intel drivers?
Is there anything I should check / tweak?

Any help is appreciated.