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But multiple people are less likely to make rash mistakes. You get more information and experience informing the decision. A stalement about a design decision wouldn't be the end of the world, if someone needed a feature right now, they could fork the kernel.

In this case I think it's just a historical accident that you have one guy making the final cut because that's what he's done before, and he's done a decent job at it.
Everyone is free to make their own decisions. It's an infinitely large pool of people making decisions. If anyone disagrees with what Linus includes in his "official" kernel, they just make their own.

In fact, the vast majority of kernels that people use don't come from Linus at all. They come from Red Hat, Ubuntu, etc., and they all maintain their own custom patchsets that they've built on top of the one Linus ships.

Burdening Linus with more bureaucratic work seems like a mistake to me.