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Thread: Valve's Gabe Says "Yes" To Steam Linux This Year

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luke_Wolf View Post
    Uhuh.. Which is why Red Hat is THE number one contributer to the Linux ecosystem, and Novell has tended to be in the top 5, IBM contributes plenty back, and there's a reason I didn't include Cannonical on the list for the time being. What you fail to realize is that people AND corporations taking linux and the free software ecosystem and tweaking it to their needs is what this entire system is based upon. It's completely a system of merit, and the idea that companies can't or should participate inside the meritocracy is stupid, particularly given that we need companies for unfun grunt work.

    What you're really failling to understand is that while non-contributing bodies don't add anything to the Ecosystem, they also don't subtract anything. They're a null balance. If they are creating any harm, it is likely to be only to themselves, see Ubuntu's Unity for example. It's a design unlike any other one that's been claimed, actually is chasing after OS X, but thing is, you know what? I don't have to deal with it, because I can use whatever distribution I want, and I won't have to deal with that there as long as I avoid Ubuntu (which I started doing long before unity showed up). Because we are diverse which some might call "fragmented", ultimately if there's something you want or don't want, there's likely a distro for it. For instance want to resolve package dependencies by hand, you can run slackware, to the slackware community what other people are doing with automated package dependency resolution doesn't matter to them, it's what they want to do. So since avg users, and the bigger distros are doing it, and they're not.. everyone else has a null effect on them in terms of packaging, zero, zip, none.

    The ultimate point here being if you don't want it you don't have to take it, and it won't effect you other than maybe making the infrastructure better for you.

    Gamers bring these extremely useful people called Modders with them, an influx of modders means an influx of people capable of doing coding, art, graphics, sound, etc.. This means this means an influx of people who will not only improve and better our games, but are also likely to improve our infrastructure as well as I outlined in my previous comment.
    I don't want to reiterate everything I said above, so I'll just repeat that Linux used to be an OS designed with best interest of USERS in mind. If a corporation gets involved, it's not due to any kind of philanthropic intentions, but with a clear vision of exploiting the infrastructure for their gain. Sometimes the company's direction coincides with what is best for users, sometimes it doesn't. Due to intelligent and suspicious user base, big companies didn't have a lot of chance to subvert the development in their direction (however, there are examples of it, such as Java and Mono making it into the distro repositories). Until now. As Linux's user base expands, the old-hat free software advocates' importance vanishes, and the resistance towards subversion vanishes together with them. Again: just look at what happened to Android.
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