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Hey, why are you so biased? Yes, Q's posts are often out of limits. But not recently and surely not his comment 19. It was on topic and informative and I'd say even true. So what is the problem? No problem for those who can strip out the last 2 sentences
the last 2 sentences wasn't so much out of limits and even Bridgman found a funny part in it:

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Did someone say "food" ?
the point is there are so many thinks without any scope/room to move and Bridgman can't do nothing about it because of this its "Trivial"
and the "Trivial" part is something like this: he can only make sure Future AMD products become more open-source friendly

because of this there is a high chance to get opensource functionality on the "VCE" unit and the ( scope/room to move) for the UVD1 and UVD2 and maybe UVD3 unit is near by ZERO.
the hardware pipeline of amd is 3-4 years this means amd need up to 4 years to chance hardware

2013 this will be history and people can use opensource on amd hardware without "pain" LOL