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Thread: After 21 Alphas, Samba 4.0 Finally Enters Beta

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    Default After 21 Alphas, Samba 4.0 Finally Enters Beta

    Phoronix: After 21 Alphas, Samba 4.0 Finally Enters Beta

    After being in development for nearly a decade, Samba 4.0 is finally in beta...

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    "built-in LDAP server and Kerberos Key Distribution Center" ........ what a nice dream!

    Good job Samba team!

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    Wow, amazing. Sick of seeing Samba 4 build in repositories yet more or less useless, due to support. It will be good to see this released, alone with PulseAudio 2, Gimp, etc, into the mainstream.

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    Default Nice

    This needs to be nicely integrated with distributions so it "just works" out-of-the-box and be very easy to use.

    The enterprise distributions such as Red Hat and Novell should definitely focus on Samba and Samba integration and stuff such as LDAP, Active Directory, Exchange, domain login, domain joining, single sign-on (SSO), group policy, network access protection, thin clients, updating from a local intranet server, IWA / NTLM authentication, etc.

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