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Oh come on. Even Richard Stallman recognizes that works of art don't need to be released under a free software license. What are these games if not works of art?

Besides, it's not like most people (aside from large corporations) would have the manpower to take an open source game engine and really make use of it. Do you know OpenGL? No? Then why are you making a fuss?

Seriously, I'm a huge FSF zealot here and I'm all for proprietary games. I just don't like proprietary office suites, proprietary kernels, proprietary graphics drivers, proprietary media editors or players, or anything else that is truly genuinely useful and can usefully be modified by individuals (let alone corporations) to fix bugs or add personalized features.

This isn't the Humble Indie Bundle of generic games. The titles of the games aren't "Yet Another RTS", "Yet Another FPS", "Yet Another Platformer"; they don't come with generic graphics that are as lifeless as a Gnome theme and are absent a storyline; the opposite is true. The game engine is just a convenient method of delivery for the art that was created. Are you just saying you want them to be open source for the hell of it, or are you truly under the delusion that someone other than the original game developers would actually use the underlying engines of these games to create new games?
not that I don't agree that art assets can be proprietary, however... What you just stated here is extremely wrong and shows a complete lack of comprehension of the gamer community. Gamers as long as you're exlcuding the console kiddies are not mere content consumers. Not to say that there aren't pure consumers in the PC gamer field, however a lot of us are modders. People who do exactly what you claim that we won't or can't.

Bethseda games are actually one of the perfect examples, because you see... the point of Bethseda games, isn't the game itself.. it's that it's a low barrier to entry game engine (we're talking between $20-50 after all) allowing you to create mods to do almost whatever you want, which is ultimately the real point of those games, and they do have their unofficial patches, complete texture overhauls, models, quests, landmasses, etc.

And then we've got things like Planescape Torment, which while it didn't provide an SDK, it has it's own unofficial patches and mods to restore the original content, and finish it up, and otherwise change it.

To be very blunt here... If a game it popular it will be modded , no ifs, ands, or buts. So to say that opensourcing the game engine is useless completely fails to comprehend the PC gamer community.