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Thread: Help me help Linux, tell me about Linux problems

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    Default One! Two! Three... here we go!

    I can name some ideas:
    1) Power Saving & reclocking for GPUs. Right now it is not perfect. For example, dynpm on AMD HD5xxx/HD6xxx GPUs works but fails to reclock GPU quickly so screen blinks and hence reclocking is disabled by default. Other powersave modes have some shortcomings as well. So virtially no distros dare to use these modes by default. There could be some other prob's but I only have Intel and AMD GPUs and Intel one is so low powered that I can't admit I have a problem even if it fails at powersave. In the ideal world I would expect GPUs to be reclocked as smooth and transparent to users as CPUs are being reclocked right now. In real world there seems to be some issues so far.

    2) OpenCL. This is probably quite interesting thing. There is work ongoing and it's set to land sooner or later. And it would be good if it happens sooner so Linux would pioneer in high-speed computing. This could be both good achievement and interesting thing if someone is inclined on dealing with unusual architectures and devices. And xorg even haves EVoC initiative for students.

    3) Better OpenGL support in opensource drivers could be handy as well. It's nice to catch up with proprietary drivers :-) (they're real nightmare to use)

    4) Btrfs... I think it's a future of file systems. Yet it definitely needs more work on it. While dealing with FS specifics could be not so easy and I don't know if there is lack of hands, it still would be cool if this one arrives in release shape a bit faster.

    Note: these problems are from user's point of view. I haven't contacted appropriate dev teams or whatever to check if they're seeking for new hands :P

    p.s. and of course, choose only what you would like to do yourself. That's the only way to make things enjoyable and release something good as the result.
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