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Thread: any open-soure/linux "god" games out there?

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    Default any open-soure/linux "god" games out there?

    Are there any open-source/linux "god" games out there? Specifically ones that use 3D rendering rather than 2D tiles/sprites for the game world?
    The only open-source options I know of are OpenTTD and the open-source Sim City thing that EA did but they both use 2D graphics not 3D.

    By "god" game, I mean things like Sim City/Rollercoaster Tycoon/etc
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    Is minecraft a god game? In that case you could look at lips of suna, its free and open..

    If you want 'simulator' type games.. You could check out simutrans(2d), opencity(3d) and also 'mobility'(2d). Simutrans is nice, but i dont know much about mobility..

    oh, and if "devil" game = "god" game then is definately up your alley..

    - Talas

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    If you mean simulation games, there is X3 reunion from Linux game publishing and Lincity NG which is in most distro repos.
    If you mean sandbox games like Minecraft there is king Arthur's gold.

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