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Thread: ati 3870 + 7.12 drivers slow performance

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    Default ati 3870 + 7.12 drivers slow performance

    I just wanted to confirm that I am not doing anything wrong. I upgraded from an nvidia 7800gt to an ati 3870 and windows xp performance is great, but after installing 7.12 in linux, its WAAY worse than the 7800gt. Scrolling in firefox isn't horrible, but its noticeably laggier. But the worst part is the games. I launched Nexuiz to test 3d gaming performance and whereas the 7800gt was smooth as butter, this one was running at less than 5 fps. Also, I do have compiz up and running so i know the driver is working (i think) but i can't fire up the catalyst control center. Is that normal? Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks

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    Mind giving a few hints as to what your doing, by answering these questions.

    1) do you have Compiz/beryl enabled?
    2) what is your system spec? ( Ram, cpu, and mobo to give an idea of general performance. )
    3) which linux distribution are you using?
    4) have you removed the nvidia graphics driver for linux yet?
    5) more details on the general slowness of the system, and test conditions.

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    Thanks for the reply.
    Here's some more system info:
    1: Compiz Fusion is enabled
    2: System: Asus du deluxe motherboard core2duo oced to 3 ghz 2.5 gb ram
    3: Ubuntu 7.10
    4:as far as I can tell, all traces of the nvidia driver are gone. I installed the ago driver by making a dpkg from the ati binary... It asked when installing the ati driver to uninstall the nvidia kernel module which I also double checked with synaptic and lsmod (where fglrx is but nvidia no longer is).. So I think its all gone.
    5. well aside from not being able to launch the ati control panel, scrolling inside of windows is where i notice the most page tearing. It's not horrible, but more than with nvidia. Then to make sure that my eyes weren't deceiving me I tried out a 3d game which ran like crap. 5 frames per second with ati 3870 compared to at least 30 Fps with nvidia 7800gt. I am just wondering if anyone has better results with a 3800 GPU in Linux than I have. If so, I don't mind poking around. If its normal though, well I guess I'll have to wait for a better driver.

    Thanks again

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    Default hd3870


    Just installed hd3870 everything went smooth, upgraded from x1950 pro, so had drivers installed already. This card is a lot faster getting 14000 glxgears with q6600 stock.

    only tried Doom3 whick ran 1600x1200 ultra and highest anti - alising no problems.

    what glxgears are you getting?

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