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Thread: Microsoft censorship't a German Computer letter on google:

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    Default Microsoft censorship't a German Computer letter on google:

    YES microsoft dit it they censorship a innocent german computer letter C't

    and they dit it with "Copyright" DMCA with a lie!

    "Nach Angaben von Google beanstandete Microsoft am 4. Juni 2012 eine Urheberrechtsverletzung an dem Produkt Windows 8 ("Copyright work description: Windows 8 Beta"). Der Artikel enthält allerdings gar keinen Link zur Beta-Version von Windows 8, die Ende Februar unter dem Namen "Consumer Preview" erschienen war, sondern lediglich einen auf die Windows 8 Release Preview auf Microsofts eigenem Server. "

    this means there was no microsoft windows warez they just "Lie" to kill the "Article"

    "Particularly piquant in this case is that a large company could be removed without consultation with the author a newspaper article about our own products from the search results."
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