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Thread: why do the nativ linux clind of Heroes of Newearth not work with the radeon driver?

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    HON on linux on prctice map is nightmare, on catalyst or on open drivers.. 25 fps is not playable speed

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    Quote Originally Posted by bridgman View Post
    Q, are you still running at 1920x1200 vs Pontostroy's 1600x900 ? If so that's almost 1.6x the pixel count right there. Factor in 1.25x for shader differences and 1.06x for clock differences and you're at maybe a 2.1x difference, so your frame rates would be sub-15 fps if everything scaled linearly (which doesn't actually happen but it's a start).

    Maybe match resolution then match HON version as a next step ?
    a bug in the nativ-HON-Linux clind make it impossible for me to change the resolution.
    but on the other side what makes it even more impossible my monitor can not handle 1600x900 only 1600x1200...

    so i can not compare it on the same resultion even if i use the windows hon clind in wine with the openGL renderer .......

    Edit: i forced the resolution of 1600x900 in the windows version in wine with the openCL renderer now i get 11fps

    this means the windows version with the OpenGL renderer is 2FPS flower on a lower resolution than the nativ-openGL version in a higher resolution.

    but still 11fps on 1600x900 is poor to his result...

    edit2: the directX renderer in wine makes 13fps on this resolution 1600x900 .
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    New tests


    Mesa-git (28 fps)
    Mesa-git + llvm shader compiler (27 fps)
    Mesa-git + llvm shader compiler + hyperz (32 fps) Artifacts on some icons.
    Mesa-git + hyperz (36 fps) Artifacts on some icons.
    Mesa-git + shader caching + llvm shader compiler (27 fps)
    Mesa-git + shader caching (28 fps)

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