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    Default Mobile phone +MP3 player + hackable

    Hello my dear geeks and geekettes.

    Need an advice. I want to buy inexpensive phone.

    What I don't want: Windows platform(even when can be killed with fire and soaked in acid later on); Sony; Apple; Nokia; Android(will accept if it's repatchable to something else or allows visualization of of some mobile aimed Linux distribution).

    What I do want in descending order: Linux; perfectly working; I can mess with it; MP3 player; upgradeable SD cards or reasonable amount of memory on the phone(25 > Gigs); reasonable speed of device; reasonable battery life (expectation is rather low anyway);GPS; Wireless connection, LAN connection(I can dream, right?)

    I used to have OpenMoko, but it sucked donkey balls.(nice toy, useless phone) Is there something like OpenMoko, but doesn't, you know, suck, those, donkey nuts?

    It will be pretty much my phone(good reception please, live in bunker, figuratively)/MP3 player(VERY Important!)/alarm clock, occasionally gaming platform and browser.

    Ideally would be cool to have either Linux over visualization(it can be done, my buddy reported such thing with Ubuntu on his android, probably some emulation) or native Linux, where I can install source applications, but it MUST work well as phone and not drain battery in 4 hours as with Open Moko.

    I am based, in so much beloved by Michael, Germany(any one from Saxony, Gorlitz? Wanna go for a beer?). Triband/Quad band is appreciated, whatever it takes to work in EU.

    Any suggestions are welcome, and no, googling didn't help.
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