I think the problem is that Qaridarium's posts are disrespectful to this community. I've never seen him agree with anyone and his responses to all who dissent are full of mockery and childish attacks. For example, a good argument is like a well balanced meal. One could say that Qaridarium's arguments may have some nutritional value, but there's always a steaming pile of unrecognizable profane garbage taking up 50 to 75 percent of the plate.

I don't know, I don't participate in this forum enough to come up with a rational proof that Qaridarium is a troll (only my opinion). But, from my brief readings of his posts, all I read are derailing posts that never deal with the core issue that the OP described. They're just provoking and distracting to the real content I'm after.

I firmly believe that Qaridarium contributes nothing useful - his signal to noise ratio wouldn't be registered anywhere else (a nod to the ban in the Heroes of Newerth forums).