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It seems that you are describing a bad KDE packing conf in your distro, since KDE doesn't notify about any kind of updates, and kwallet has been invisible for me for about 2 years now. Most kde features are there for you to be more productive and confortable. So you should blame your distribution for any untested packing or buggy KDE release that you may suffer.
Um, no, it's KDE.




There's tons of examples of people having problems with both the wallet and the notifications being a nuissance. Also, the KDE admins on their forum admit KWallet (or whatever it's called) has bugs and simply request posters file a bug report. So, they're just saying go **** yourself. Their insane program has run the same way since day one. Ever since they went to KDE4, the DE has gone down the drain. It's a useless POS with tons of bugs and stupid processes that don't work or just cause more havoc.

No wonder people are trying XFCE, LXDE and hoping that Cinnamon and/or MATE can be alternatives for Gnome3 which is going the route of KDE in becoming crap.