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Going to a rolling release is not a realistic option; Tumbleweed is designed to be based off of something, not to roll forever. If the problem OpenSUSE has is integrating, a rolling release will just make things worse, not better. Disallowing certain repositories or creating parallel update paths also sounds like a recipe to make the distro more complicated to use.

OpenSUSE is already running an 8 month release cycle and it has achieved great polish and stability from it... except for the last 12.1 release, which simply wasn't in a releasable state and needed at least 6 more weeks of bug-fixing. Now it sounds like 12.2 is in even worse shape, but at least the team is admitting it and looking for answers. The simplest answer may be switching to a yearly release cycle and then work on internal development and testing processes. Slamming code out as soon as its released (what Sabayon essentially does) destroys the ability to test or polish OpenSUSE and simply doesn't fit with the mission statement of OpenSUSE, which is to favor stability over features.
I'm not sure what you mean by:
"Tumbleweed is designed to be based off of something, not to roll forever".
It's a rolling release of opensuse. It's been rolling for years now.

I found opensuse updates the kernel almost as soon as new ones are released. KDE updates take longer to reach the repos. Sabayon was just the opposite and took much longer to update the kernel, but KDE was updated almost immediately. At least with mostly open source, I also have Flash, Tumbleweed has worked well for me. Sabayon not so much, though if you want the newest video driver blobs and kernel it's the only option.