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Please remove sensitive information and send to me those documents so that I can help bring LO and AOO up to date. If we don't have real-world test documents, then nothing can be fixed.

Also include a PDF or PNG of the properly-rendered document to show what it should look like! You can send them to <myPhoronixUsername>@gmail.com. Thanks!
This is great, I intend to follow you up on that offer =)
The area where I've seen huge issues is in math formulas. It's quite hard to use LibreOffice/OpenOffice at university when stupid teachers distribute docx-documents, and refuse to use PDF instead. I've been forced to open them in MS Office, and then export them as PDF, to be able to view them.
What is the best place to report compatibility issues? The ordinary LibreOffice bug database?
EDIT: Stupid question. Of course it's the best place, hehe...