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And don't give me 2005 or so games for obvious reasons. What was 7 years ago AAA, now is obviously not AAA any longer since the standards for AAA rise as time goes by.
Ah yes, because the new shooter that is the same as the old shooter is SOOOO worthy of being called "AAA"?

You don't think that massive amounts of advertising dollars have anything to do with if a game sells or not? With enough money in advertising you could sell people a current era "AAA" game that could have easily been done on the SNES or the Saturn or the Playstation, just with shiny graphics, oh wait, they already do that!

So sorry if I, like many people that are old enough to have played games over the last 20+ years to know a thing or two about how great those "old used to be AAA" titles still hold up as being overall BETTER games then most of the most highly touted games of the current generation.

Seriously, these days for each console generation there are maybe 10 games per generation actually worth playing, same goes with the main stream PC gaming, the vast majority of the current crop are the same game I've already played a hundred times before under diferent names from dozens of developrs.

So yeah, you are a moron.