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Thread: NVIDIA Releases Its Stable 302 Driver w/ RandR 1.3

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeepDayze View Post
    Don't hold your breath...they haven't really shown much interest beyond some soundbites
    We could sort of get it in the form of GPU offloading with dma-buf/prime.

    It probably won't be as performant as a real Optimus setup, but I have high hopes.

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    So Nvidia, fuck you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mark45 View Post
    That's not my question.
    My question was, to put it in other words: what is Wayland's solution called that does the stuff that RandR does in X?

    I mean, we all saw youtube videos of Wayland (or Weston?) rotating textboxes and windows, right? Is that Wayland's equivalent of RandR? What's it called? How is it different (technologically) from X's approach (RandR)?
    It's simply called "Wayland", as the functionality is part of the core design. If you support Wayland you support the feature, and afaik it's simply to support Wayland then X+RandR, comming from zero implementation.

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