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i dont see why so many people use " GUI's " all the time in Linux. use Microsoft windows if you " Need " GUI all the time. as for packagekit, no one is forced to use it if it doesnt work Nicely for you. iv'e even seen people saying how bad Software center/Synaptic is. but lets not go offtopic. there is nothing wrong with RPM IMO. read the advantages of RPM compared to .DEB .
That is an EXTREMELY narrow minded point of view. You go ahead and use terminal full time. In fact, why don't you just delete X and everything that depends on it?

Fact is that IN ORDER TO COMPETE with microscrap, you need to support those users who are barely able to find the ON button. They aren't going to use the terminal for ANYTHING AT ALL NO MATTER WHAT. If you force everyone to use the terminal, you're DOOMED TO FAIL. Guaranteed.

Now go back to your terminal and have fun.

BTW: I assume that you're browsing with something like lynx, right?