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I dont said all is bad and something like that, I considerd (do still) to migrate to fedora, so I am not totaly biased against it. I got maybe a bit more aggressive when you said you are not know what you are talking about, so maybe I am wrong on some points, if I wouldnt be a discussion would be pointless because it would be a monologe and you had to listen to and maybe sometimes agree to it.

I basicly had 2 points 1. was the past problems with rpm which was there (I mean the format or I mean maybe also the package qualities and the package distribution channels) which some guy agreed to on the last site somewhere, so it was not a totaly fantasised problem. Debian was a few years ago better in quality, maybe that changed I dont know about that.
From your example, which package and who was/is the maintainer?

Then there are some impressions I got as a migrator, I had issues I told, I dont understand that you defend the chromium-situation, why cant fedora either not write anything about chromium or link to the relative site/resource, both would be better than say there is the official (stable) thing thats totaly outdated and totaly unstable. That will happen to other newcomers too.
See http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Chromium. The maintainer is Tom "Spot" Callaway who works on that effort.

I dont like this attitude, when I say something to ubuntu noobs or maybe even archlinux noobs or just people with problems and issues I dont have to degrate them each second sentence and I feel myself not personaly attacked like you seem to do.
It is about elaboration and approach of the post although some questions are valid. The real issue is some people do not know how to formulate a good question with minimal perception. Reread your own post and see what went wrong. Regardless the distro of choice, research first before asking.