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Thread: RIFS-ES Linux Kernel Scheduler Released

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    Quote Originally Posted by ulenrich View Post
    I am publishing my esperience here:

    Siduction is an effective an little community around Debian unstable. Towo, the kernel guy there, had applied BFS patches for Linux-3.2 back then. But you dont have to use it to discuss in the forums. My main distribution yet is Gentoo, which is not only a "rollin' release" but a rolling MYrelease.
    The original version of RIFS-ES is broken with design already. Seems many people like RIFS-ES-Low-Spec so in 3.5 kernel it will be the offical one. RIFS V2 will still be updated to make a compairsion between RIFS and RIFS-ES

    Sometimes we want to avoid somethings by some little tricky design, but almostly the one which has no tricky design is the best.
    In LKML I have mention that the tricky design has destroyed CFS. One more things I have to mention is, the time complexity of RIFS and RIFS-ES-LOW-SPEC is O(1)
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