I have msvc60 here. And also some later express ide`s. Once you got them running, they are ok, but I have seen more intuitive ide`s.

You can load and unload module drivers with modprobe. And if you are stuck on windows XP, because your software isn`t supported more, and it isn`t opensource, you have to use XP, with drivers from 2001. HAHAHA. The whole drivermess on windows, downloading installing, versions etc is not on linux.

And direct3d was never better than OpenGL. As for directx, or asio on windows, I can do lower latencies on Linux.

Maybe a point in that some subsystems of linux, aren`t that welldeveloped yet. Particulary if you do professional audio, jack and ladspa and similar stuff could be better intergrated, or replaced system wide with better solutions.

But that`s about it I think.

Peace Be With You.