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Thread: RIFS-ES Linux Kernel Scheduler Released

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    Yeah. Lol. NTFS. That is crap too. And it`s cpu scheduling is really bad. It is extremely sensitive to jitter. And it installs drivers for ram handling, which you can turn off. (why is it there?) Because the cpu-scheduler is so sensitive to jitter, you should turn off everything you can. That is over 200 things. Which they sell. Which the OS is better without. Ofcourse on Linux, cpu-scheduling is much better, and running the daemons that Ubuntu has, will not make much difference. There is a small difference for perfectionists, though, which might prefer stuff like Tiny Core Linux. But that might also be mitigated with proper use of priorities, or atleast a patch on the scheduler.

    And you will not believe how much reducing jitter on windows, improves it. It is like half life 2, goes from quite choppy, to perfectly smooth. When you have been there you know also that windows can do something decently. But you will also need to tweak intensely Also bugs in the scheduler hindering performance on dualcore or more, if priorities of all processes are not at idle. And it has been there for AGES. (Very known windows-stalls that occur if one cpu is overloaded, goes away with "idle" priority.)

    It`s not just that their scheduler is poor, but they bloat it out with uneccesary processes, and false errormsgs (you cannot kill this process etc.) And they lack the mind to understand it. I mean shit policies was a part of microsoft even since CP/M. Which became MSDOS. And CP/M is shit, and they sold that too. So then you know who MS is.

    People who sell garbage and lack the mind to do anything else. Teaching people their stupid menus, without any knowledge of what is underneath.

    Peace Be With You.

    edit: And by the way, try to call MS to inform them of their bug. It`s like a call to the US, a secretary you can barely hear, needs to "establish identify" or something like that. 10m into the conversation, without any engineer online it`s like "can you spell your first name please" "I cannot hear you please". I mean that is a f*king joke.

    Peace Be With You.

    edit2: I mentioned something on LKML, and there was a patch 2-3 days later

    Peace Be With You.
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