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@locovace; I can change the internals of my toaster if I damn please. It doesn't mean that I might actually want to do that, but that's not the point; I can if I damn please. I wouldn't give a shit if it was legal to reverse engineer a GeForce driver, but guess what? It's forbidden by law. That means that I'm not free to do whatever the fuck I want to do with a logical list of ones and zeros. Since nVidia didn't lobby for these laws, but doesn't specifically state on the packageing that it is illegal to figure out how it works, since they forbid me from doing it by no releasing documentation, they suck. And if I could figure it out myself I wouldn't care either, but the way that they deliver the product, they effectively forbid me figure out if it's illegal to use the card in any way other than I might be able to want.

That's why they suck. They try their best to deliver a product that could theoretically land me in jail! If that's not the pineacle of SUCK, what is?
Isn't clean room reverse engineering legal?