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I think NVIDIA has picked up on these market trends and is trying to diversify its way out of the gaming niche. They wanted to go the x86 IGP route but Intel said no... so they're looking at using the ARM architecture instead (Project Denver). If they can pull that off they'll be in a good position. They've focused heavily on the mobile space (and have established themselves as a big player in that market). GPGPU computing appears to be an important part of their strategy and it looks like they're going to dabble in cloud gaming as well (a bit risky).

The interesting thing is that Linux will probably be the cornerstone of all of those avenues.
By looking into that, I can conclude that nVidia indeed jumped to the conclusion way earlier than I did (and appearantly my subconcious knew that too, giving me the idea that I came up with it myself, oops ).

But that better be fully open documentation, because otherwise that succes will be shortlived when consumers find out that buying nVidia means upgrading whenever nVidia thinks it's time to upgrade while the consumer might not want that yet. That would result in "never buying nVidia again!". Or at least having open source support ready at blob support discontinuation of the product.