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Thread: NVIDIA PR Responds To Torvalds' Harsh Words

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    Quote Originally Posted by V!NCENT View Post
    I think there are two camps here (open and blob) which use the same language but a different dictionary. Let me explain:
    Open Good: works stable, secure, gives enough features to be perfectly usable "It just works", good integration with Linux kernel mechanisms. Perfect for production usage on the desktop. High speed desktop effects. Everything might not work in the driver, but is useable nontheless because for example video can run perfectly, without tearing, in software. There are no fancy gimmicks and uber framerates, but that's less irritating than the shortcommings of the blob (like slower boot, no KMS, less security, upgrade limiting in time, lifespan, etc.)

    Blob Good: gigantic full spectrum latest standards and protocol support, massive optimal compute power, full video acceleration, shiny graphics, gimmick support (3D bullshit and "EyeFinity" 3+ screen support, etc.

    So when we are discussing "superiority", first ask yourself superiority in WHAT.

    What's superior for me is the open definition of Good. Blobs can be better at their stuff that I couldn't give a rats ass about, because if I supstract $99 for an Apple TV and $250 from an Xbox360, from a $400 Crysis nVidia card, I'm still left with $50 spare for actually buying games and renting movies, or modding my Xbox in the case I'm not into buying anything. And even then I don't have to upgrade the console as much as I would have to upgrade my GPU. Capiche?

    ok sure, different strokes for different folks, but Optimess has killed the "blob" as a viable means of using a Linux powered Laptop-workstation, simply thanks to Optimus only working on M$.
    And that is, and will always be, "WRONG", and Nvidia has done squat about it -again, stfu<-Nvidia !
    whats wrong with having Linux "3D bullshit"-cad,..., capability if you need it on your new (Linux) Laptop ???
    Thats what I want.
    However, as your "rats ass" pointed out, not everybody needs it. So what. It doesn't matter, Nvidia should make Optimus work for Linux as it does for WinBlowz. The power is there if you need it, 'cause we've dam well paid for the hardware ! geeezus.
    If a Linux programmer, or whoever just needs VESA/Open on there laptop, well then whoop-de-doooo, thats fine too ?
    But for gawd sakes Nvidia, atleast provide the ability(proper-Linux-Optimus-switching-driver) on my very expensive Nvidai-GPU-Laptop.
    If not?, then again: F_CK YOU ! <- Nvidia, go drown in your tablets.

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