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Thread: Valve Picks Up Another Key Linux Developer

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    Any regular should know that by now it's all about maximizing page views by linking to related articles...
    Read, Michael doesn't actually care about the articles content, he's just in it for the money.

    Michael, here's a hint write better articles with actual content and you'll get more regular readers and thus more pageviews. I know you think spamming links to past articles gets you more page views, but here's a hint it doesn't do as much as actually taking the time to research and write actual articles with actual content. You would have more regulars and more page views if you wrote fewer but more thought provoking and relevant articles. This habit of posting 5 useless linkspam articles a day for nothing other than the page views is rather pathetic. You could have spent that time expanding on one of the real articles making them more insightful or useful to the reader. On a related note, those "well nothing has changed" articles like your reasent PowerVR graphics need to stop, a lack of news on a subject is not news so don't waste your time with it.

    EDIT: To the people saying they like the ease of reading related posts, he already has a related posts box below the article, this is just link spam, especially because there have been plenty of times where he has linked to completely unrelated articles numerous times within articles.
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