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I was the one that posed the question to AMD, and both Michael and I saw the answer to the question because it was on a closed list. The reason Michael is not talking more about this is because the entire closed list is under NDA and there are legal issues involved. I should also add that the context of the question was such that Jammy Zhou understood that his reply to this specific question would be shared.

The reason I'm here now is to provide confirmation on his behalf to refute accusations of this type.
But Michael, still should have been upfront about how he obtained the info in the first place there are proper ways to cite quotes and gain permission to bypass NDA's but instead he choose to leave his readers in the dark and hope they blindly accept his word. Sadly he has stretched the thruth enough time that many of them want more. If he cannot provide more info or background then he shouldn't have posted the article, its that simple. Its one thing to do this once in a while, but Michael does this in articles all the time, and all we have is his word and yours.