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He was.
Only when asked by multiple people on the forum did he reveal any info about how he got the quote.

He has his own discretion, which I think was executed properly in this case? You can start your own news site anytime you like and then at that point you can utilize your own discretion.
I disagreed and am perfectly in my right to voice such disagreement. Yes I could start my own news site, or I could make suggestions to one that already exists in order to help improve it. You can also do as you did and voice your disagreement with my opinion, I see nothing wrong here.

I don't know about any of that. What I do know is that this report is absolutely correct.
And I don't doubt your word or his, now that he and you provided backstory to the quote, all I ask is that in the future we don't need a long winded forum discussion in order to find this info. This sort of thing is exactly what I mean when I say "be upfront about his sources." That said we still don't know what sort of position this Jammy Zhou holds, is he a project lead, or manager or is he just some guy from the mail-room. That sort of info is vital for the reader to be able to assess the validity of the story, especially if the reader cannot access the quote themselves as in this case.