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Thread: Fluent 1080p YouTube on AMD Fusion?

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    That has the downside that Youtube changes their page layout quite often, breaking those userscripts.

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    Interesting approach ChrisXY. Luckily I can do without the userscripts, since -to be more specific- I need to play video on my own site, e.g. using the YouTube chromeless player. But it seems I might have to look for a different player that I can use on my site and that uses mplayer. Any ideas if there is such an embeddable player?

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    Quote Originally Posted by plind View Post
    You mean HTML5, right? Does that play 1080p fluently? If so, what do I need? xvba? An does that work on any browser and distro?
    To my knowledge, Firefox has HTML5 video tag caching issues, only Chrome 17+ has solved it.
    Also, a lot depends on browser itself, if it accelerates the video itself.
    For example, my second machine is a old p4 2.4, which uses 100% cpu in firefox, because driver acceleration is disabled.
    Yet, if I download the video and play it via VLC using basic Xv, this same video causes only 20% CPU load.

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