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I think "destroyed" is debatable, much as I prefer to use Ubuntu as my personal OS, I'm jealous of the polish put into OSX and it's suite of apps.

I know the comparisons are all about PTS, but I think it would be nice to compare all the OSs from a functionality point of view.

Take typical home user actions (burn a CD, upload files to cloud storage, record TV, play games, streaming media to DLNA compliant devices) and compare the OSs that are (or seem to be, just my opinion) tailored to the home user (Ubuntu, Win7, OSX, Mint)

Quantifying "performance" is just subjective, but I think that's the part of OSX that Ubuntu is really competing with, not how fast it can read a disk.

Still.... WOOHOO WINNAR!!!

In this case... Kubuntu simply destroys OS X. I can play many more games via Wine than by using OS X. Everything what I expect from my system is easier, faster and nicer with Kubuntu as well. Most of my friends thinks the same.